Hostel La Cabaña, Cabins

Comfortable Cabins for rest and relaxation.

Cabin for natural therapies.

Individualized Therapies.

A place to regain energy from Nature.

Hostel La Leona is located in the beginings of the Andes mountains, about 60 kms from the city of Talca. Open all year long, the Hostel offers a safe and traquil place that is ideal for getting away, relaxing and regaining energy from it’s natural surroundings.

The three recently constructed cabins, each capable of acommodating up to 6 people, are comfortable and spacious. A fourth cabin is completely equiped to offer personalized natural therapies.

The spacious and distinctive salon is capable of recieving groups of up to 40 people.

The land is covered in native trees, has a large organic gardin and many special corners for meditating.

This Hostel is a project of self-financing of the Corporation Domodungu (Womens Voices) an NGO in Talca.
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The Corporation Domodungu is a NGO, (Non Governmental Organization) is nonprofit. One of the purposes of Hostle La Leona is to develop a mode of self financing for our work with women who general live at a low poverty level, given that as a social organization each year it becomes more difficult to aquire financing.

For this reason we offer our infrastructure to others: tourists, groups, institutions or organizations, for a donation.

During vacations and long weekend, we offer espresso, tea, and kuchen in the salon, as well as natural products created by participants of the organization. All donations go directly toward the survival of our social organization.


We chose our symbol for the Hostel from the weavings of the women of the Mapuche, a native indigenous people, because we appreciate and value our roots.

This design represents plants and flowers, those that are decorative or for medicinal purposes. It is precisely the knowledge about the healing characteristics of our plants and native flowers that we look for and apply for the improvement of our health.

Individualized Attencion

Hostel La Leona receives women individually who need to get away, relax, and renew their energy in the serenity of nature. Room is provided in the comfortable cabins. Participants are invited to partiicpate at their own pace in a daily program of exercises in relaxation, tai chi, planned hikes, and other activities including individual therapies like reiki or massages.

Cost: $15.000 daily; This includes room, board, and acompaniment. Individual therapies are at an additional cost. Make your reservation at least 2 days in advance.Fono: 071 – 281001 o al e-mail:

Additional Services


Wood and Charcoal

Complete Pension for groups over 12

Individual Therapy: Reiki or Massage